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I.AM hosted its latest community arts festival, "I AM ENOUGH" as part of the Nation-wide Culture Days weekend with support from the City of Vaughan. It was a true space of reflection, healing and learning. We were all blessed to have visitors from Manitoulin Island (Joe Osawabine, Sheila Trudeau and Alison Recollet) representing the Noojamadaa photo exhibit, as well as having members of CMC (Conscious Minds Co-op) as part of the festival. Both collaborators shared our interest in providing creative tools as a way of connecting the community together through Indigenous ceremony, healing words, and creative traditions.













As part of the festival we had our first juried exhibition alongside I.AM, CMC, and Noojamadaa artists making this festival the most participated yet with over 100 artists involved!


All photo documentation taken by: Danelle Jane Tran

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